On 4th May, Make The Parish Work For You in Liden & Eldene

Adam Hunt will be standing as a parish councillor for Liden and Amir Ayub will be our candidates for Eldene in the elections on 4th May.

You have three votes if you live in Liden and three if you live in Eldene. The overall parish will have nine councillors including three from Nythe.

Figures from the Department for Communities & Local Government show Swindon to have the largest percentage increase in council tax in England. Including Parish Precept charges, Swindon residents will get an average increase of 10.35%. That’s double that of all other local authorities except Waveney (7.5%) and Boston (6.4%).

As services such as street cleaning, grass cutting, the maintenance of our play areas, parks, green spaces and woodlands and community centres have been devolved to the parish council, it is vitally important that these services are maintained and improved.

Bazil, Amir and Adam will work tirelessly to this end. They will promote local issues and stand up for what matters. They will also resist attempts to offload further services onto the parish.

A number of services have been listed for possible future transfer including parking administration, road safety measures, nuisance abatement, recycling provisions and even street lighting!