Old Town News from Councillor Nadine Watts

Update from Councillor Nadine Watts covering the new play area at Angel Ridge, housing and planning developments in the Old Town area along with information on community grants available from Swindon Borough Council.

Pictured: Councillor Nadine Watts and local campaigner Bob Cretchley

The East Wichel play area opened on 15 October. Many people have already used and enjoyed this new play park. There is a lot of open space and some great new equipment.

The Angel Ridge play area is due to open mid-November.

A decision should be made on the Croft Road development by 6 November. The planning application is for 62 dwellings. Many residents have contacted me objecting to the proposals as it is not in the local plan and they think this land should act as a buffer between the existing houses on Croft Road and East Wichel. 

A funding bid to develop Townsend House in Bath Road was successful. It is based on development of 9 2-bed flats and 6 1-bed flats, and improvement work to the fascia. There will be a planning application and work is expected to start in 2015. The building was originally developed as supported housing, and there is a desire from some people for this to continue. It would be good to hear the views of local residents on this.

There are various community grants available up to £1000 to support new community activity and improve people's lives. The next round of locality grants closes on 10 January.

More information can be found on the Council website.