Nadine Watts – Working hard for you in Old Town and East Wichel

A Freedom of Information request was made regarding the number of councillors' requests logged through the Members Hotline from February 2012 to February 2014. Even though for 3 months of this I was not a councillor, I am still top of the table!
“I am pleased that this official list reflects that I have been working hard for the people of Old Town and East Wichel. I have made many enquiries (264) through the Council Members’ Hotline and have a 100% Council meeting attendance record. I do my best to represent you as fully as possible and keep you informed of important issues in the ward. I have really appreciated the support from many people in Old Town and East Wichel. Thank you. It has been great to get involved with the community. Please feel free to contact me about any issues.”