More Questions Need to be Answered on New WiFi Revelations

What this information reveals is that while the Wi-Fi project and the £400K council-taxpayers loan were agreed, along with the subsequent public scrutiny of the project, Rikki Hunt was being paid by Swindon borough Council.

This information came not from an admittance of this administration; but instead was forced from this administration through a direct public question from Chris Watts, the Labour Party Candidate for Eastcott in the forthcoming elections.

There are many, many questions that spring up as a result of this information.

  • Was Councillor Bluh or any of his cabinet colleagues aware of Rikki Hunt’s payments from the Council? And how long have they been aware?
  • Do they agree with these payments to Rikki Hunt?
  • Did Rikki Hunt win this training contract through open tender, or was he automatically awarded this contract worth £82K?
  • And, most importantly, why did nobody in his administration see fit to mention this important information during the extensive scrutiny of the Wi-Fi scheme?

Answers in the public domain to these questions are absolutely essential. The integrity of the administration, of which he leads, is on the line.