Monitoring Street Parking when Pay to Park Comes in at Coate Water

The Conservative Cabinet are  introducing car parking charges at Lydiard and Coate Water country parks from July 1st.

At Coate Water they’re proposing a £1 charge for up to 2 hours; £2 for a full day and £30 for a season ticket.

They are also proposing to charge £2 for up to 2 hours; £4 for a full day and a £45 season ticket at Lydiard Park.

You can read the full plan and results of the consultations here:

At present benchmarking is taking place regarding street parking in Liden, Eldene & Park South as it is now, to enable us to see if the parking charges cause displacement of parking in our area. This will then be reviewed by the cabinet in December. We are already aware of issues at areas near Coate Water being affected by parking issues in relation to parking at the hospital.

If your street is affected do let us know or contact the council directly on Tel 01793 464544 or email