Mike Heal says “only 6% of jobs created since the election are full-time”

Despite the constant stories about the danger of increasing the unemployment bill, the coalition have continued with the greatest cuts since the 1920’s.  Ed Miliband, and most economists, have argued that without economic growth jobs will cannot come.  Yet the Coalition has continued to make thousands of public servants redundant.

Why? Well, according to David Cameron and  Nick Clegg there has indeed been job creation,  and this will continue through the private sector.   Most sources agree that there have been 200,000 jobs created since the election, but the truth is only 6% of those jobs are full time. This means 12,000 jobs out of the 200,000 jobs created are full time, the rermainder are either seasonal or part-time.

The cost to the exchequer has and will continue to be so great that the government simply cannot continue with this course.   Those who are creating the part-time  jobs are saving on wages, income tax, national insurance and pension payments.  While those seeking work are told take the part-time job or run the risk of  possibly  lossing their  benefits.

With this sort of distortion the Government can claim that the unemployment figures have hardly changed, and that despite the cost cutting, jobs are out there for those wanting to work.

Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg need to wake up and realise that their policies are not working, and that they are dragging this country in bankruputcy. Continuing to blame the last Labour government for the situation we find ourselves in no longer has credibility.  People in Swindon can see for themselves that its the poorly paid who are paying for the recklessness of financiers, while the Tory party’s buddies in big business and the banking sector take ever greater bonuses and salaries.

before our  borough Council goes further with their proposed cuts they need start complaining to the Government about the true cost of redundancies in Swindon.

Mike Heal, Labour Candidate Shaw and Nine Elms