March Update from Walcot & Park North Councillors

Work continues to progress on the Sussex Square Development. 12 newly built flats will be gradually occupied from March. Work on an additional 36 dwellings will then begin alongside ongoing infrastructure work. We would like to again thank residents for their patience while the work is completed.

Work will commence at the start of March to refurbish the Huntley Close Play Area near to Mountford Manor School. The council has written to local residents informing them of the work to be carried out.

Work is expected to begin on construction of New College’s 3G football pitch on the Shrewsbury Road Fields in the next few months. Councillors have been working hard with partners including New College and Wiltshire FA to draw up a Community Use Agreement to ensure access for the local community.

Steve , Emma and Abdul have been receiving an increasing volume of complaints about the state of our roads and the number of potholes that are appearing . We continue to campaign for action on Upham Road. If elected Labour will impose 20 MPH zones on residential roads where requested.

We have also received a higher than usual number of complaints about the amount of litter across the areas much of it recycling. We have asked if the recycling bins could be re-designed to withstand increasingly regular strong winds .