Mannington & Western

New candidate  Jim ROBBINS joins Cllr  Kevin SMALL &  Cllr Steve WAKEFIELD.  They give 8 pledges on  the way they will  serve the people of Mannington & Western …

James Robbins has been a Swindon resident for 6 years and is married to a lifelong Swindonian. James has always worked in the education sector and during his career has worked with numerous Swindon schools to help improve their attainments targets. James currently works for Churchfields Academy and for Villiers Park which is a charity that helps Swindon’s gifted and talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve places in top Universities. James is passionate about education and wants to ensure that all residents in the Mannington and Western area have equal access to the best local schools and amenities in Swindon and to further encourage a sense of pride within the communities that make up Mannington and Western. He and his wife are long term care foster parents and help with weekend respite care.

James says “I’m shocked at how wasteful the Tory Administration has been for Swindon, it seems like every day we find out more and more revelations about Tory Mismanagement.  I’m determined to make sure that the residents of Mannington & Western are well represented, and local issues that matter to them are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a local Councillor I will work with my colleagues to ensure that vital services in Rodbourne, Toothill and Westlea, such as community centre’s, Libraries, bus services, funding for schools, the elderly and vulnerable people are protected from the Con-Dem Government cuts.”

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Kevin Small has lived in the Rodbourne part of the ward all his life, and has been the councillor for this area for the last 23 years. During that time he has got a new school for the area, supported local residents in their successful fight to keep open Redcliffe Street allotments and retain the vital community source of Even Swindon Library.   He was employed in the former Swindon railway work, going on to serve on the british Railways board and the Strategic Rail Authority. Kevin now works for the Wiltshire Football Association, he is a member of Unite and the Co-operative Party, and plays skittles for Even Swindon Club.

On being selected as Labour’s candidate Kevin spoke of his pride of being able to represent the area in which he lives, and also working with people of Toothill and Westlea communities that make up the new Mannington and Western Ward.   He also stated that “One of the priorities for a new Labour Council must be the regeneration of our Town Centre, all the Tories have done is create a mess and put down new paving, the old college site is still a disgrace, and the new shopping area has been cancelled. The only new thing in the Town Centre seems to be the library, and that was funded by the former Labour Council”.

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Steve Wakefield is an energetic Grandad who cares about people and their local communities. With over 30 years public service experience many of those years working in supported housing, as helped Steve to get stuck into helping people with the problems they face in their daily lives.  Steve is a former Mayor of Swindon, he has chaired various committees and as a record of getting things done. Steve is an avid reader and a local historian, which he writes about occasionally in his spare time!

Steve said  “Council tax bills are the highest they have ever been under this conservative administration, and the levels of waste and mismanagement beggars belief. Wifi, fountains and canal studies are well known extravagances. However spending £330,000 on some stones from the old Tabernacle only to leave them lying in a field is a scandalous waste of council tax payers money especially at a time when they are cutting council services and hitting vulnerable people

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Our Pledges

  • To always represent first the interests of the people of Even Swindon, Rodbourne, Toothill and Westlea.
  • Create community plans in each of the 3 communities in the ward so local residents have a say in what happens in their area.
  • Campaign for the construction of a Northern relief road to alleviate traffic congestion at bruce Street bridges and Meads Way.
  • Regeneration of the Town Centre to help improve Swindon’s local economy.
  • Oppose any proposals to close our local Community Centres or other community buildings.
  • Maintain funding for Even Swindon and West Swindon Libraries.
  • Defend all designated public open space against unwanted development.
  • Defend local bus services, especially evening and weekend services.