Lydiard Park is important for all

I love Lydiard Park, from trips as a child to dog walking and visits with my grandchildren in latter years. It's part of my life. Each time I set foot in Lydiard I'm reminded again how important this wonderful park is to me and indeed all of us.

Whilst it’s true the Conservatives don’t intend to sell the park, they do intend to lease it. We do not know how long that lease might be, in the case of Broome Manor Golf Course the lease is for over 70 years. For all intense and purposes a 70+ year lease is no different than a sale. The park will fall into the hands of a private corporation and we will loose all control over what happens there. This is not securing Lydiard Park’s future it’s simply disposing of it.

Lydiard is OUR park. How dare the current Council administration even consider turning this fantastic asset over to a private company. Leasing or selling it's all the same to me, it's wrong, it's unnecessary and it's muddleheaded.