Lydiard House and Park Meeting Success

Over 600 people attended the recent Lydiard Park public meeting regarding its future, which is a phenomenal turnout that shows the strength of feeling there is on this issue. Thank you to everybody who came and for signing the petition that made it possible.

I had the privilege of speaking as your candidate for councillor where I set out the case for keeping Lydiard under public control. If a private company is capable of generating a profit, then so is a proactive, imaginative council.

Speaking with residents after the meeting, the majority of you shared the same ideas that we must keep Lydiard under public control and generate more income to pay for its running costs without leasing it away.

I was pleased to listen to your concerns and ideas, as people’s voices are too often ignored by those who are supposed to serve and represent them. As your councillor, I will ensure every decision I make represents your collective views.

As agreed at the meeting, there will be a 3 month pause from February to allow the Friends of Lydiard, the Council and others to discuss a way forward. However, Conservative Councillors have still refused to commit to stopping Lydiard being run by the private sector.

Good news for all residents is that the final decision on Lydiard should now be pushed back beyond the local elections in May. This gives residents the opportunity to vote on whether they wish to see Lydiard Park remain under public control and not in private hands.

I promise every resident that you can be sure of one thing when you vote in the Local Elections this May. A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE TO PROTECT LYDIARD HOUSE AND PARK.