Local Issues Cindy Matthews is Campaigning on in Lydiard & Freshbrook ward

Cindy is campaigning on a range of issues in Lydiard and Freshbrook ward, from school parking to protesting West Swindon's Children's Centres.

  • At the end of 2014, Cindy supported a motion calling for more to be done to address irresponsible parking from parents dropping their children off at school. 
  • Cindy has supported calls from Councillors to set up a new fund to address the causes of messy and unsafe grass verges. This was sadly opposed by Conservative Councillors but Cindy will keep pressing for this. 
  • Cindy is campaigning to try to reduce litter in the Lydiard & Freshbrook ward. Cindy has organized a number of litter picks and is proposing more bins for the green spaces.
  • Cindy fought the closures of Childrens Centres like Shaw and the reduction in services at others like the West Swindon Centre.  Cindy says “ I am delighted that if Labour is elected nationally in May Children’s Centres will be protected from further service reductions and the number of child care places will double moving us back to the founding principles of this vital service”.