Liden & Covingham Libraries Under Threat

Tory-run Swindon Council have announced plans to cut funding from community libraries across Swindon, closing Liden and Covingham libraries, unless there are a mass of volunteers able to staff these community assets.

Only the town centre Central Library may remain. Why can Wiltshire, and many other Conservative councils, maintain services which are now being planned for closure here in Swindon?

Labour have offered concrete proposals on how the Tories do not need to cut funding from community libraries next year. The Council have received additional funding to prevent cuts and Labour have shown ways the Council could make savings by merging departments and making Swindon Council a “Paperless Council”. Unfortunately Labour's proposals were defeated by Conservative Councillors confirming cuts to library funding of sixty per cent. Cuts to Dial A Ride, buses, and Children's Centres were also approved by your existing Councillors.

Vote Labour to keep Liden and Covingham libraries properly staffed and open for all.