Labour Group Welcomes Swindon’s First Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre

Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant and Liden, Eldene & Park South Councillor, Derique Montaut, attended the first Puja at Swindon’s first Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre, now at the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate.

This was the first event at the new Swindon Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre, which is accessible to the community for religious, spiritual, social and educational needs.

The Temple and Cultural Centre has been leased to the Swindon Hindu Temple Trust from Swindon Borough Council.

Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant, said:

“I was delighted to be invited and be able to attend the first Puja and the new Swindon Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre. The Swindon Hindu community have gone to huge efforts to refurbish and redecorate the former office building and make it a home for their spiritual events and I thank them for that.

It is my view that Swindon is at its best when communities are coming together and engaging with one another and the Hindu community are very good at facilitating this.

I look forward to being able to attend future events organised by the Hindu community.”