Labour: Delivering Better Value for Money for Swindon

The Swindon Labour Party launched their Local Election Campaign on Monday (2nd of April), with the Swindon Labour Group Leader, Jim Grant, leading the Campaign Launch. The Labour Party stood for delivering better value for money to Swindon’s Council-taxpayers.

The launch of Swindon Labour Party’s Local Election Campaign was in front of the Town Centre Water Fountain as it is “symptomatic of the wasteful spending of this Conservative administration”.

The Swindon Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant, said:

“Labour’s central pledge in these local elections is stop the debt, waste and failure presided over by this local Conservative administration.

Since the Conservatives took control of Swindon Council, they have racked up a Council debt of over £100m, despite being left with a budget surplus by the previous Labour administration. They have wasted millions of pounds of Council-taxpayers’ money on the Town Centre Water Fountain and the Whalebridge Roundabout. And they have let down the people of Swindon with the failed Wi-Fi project, which cost nearly £500K.

Labour will be offering a clear alternative in the forthcoming elections. Labour’s main campaign priority is to deliver a value for money council. This means taking tough decisions to address the council’s bulging debts, keeping council taxes as low as possible and improving council services, in the face of inevitable budget cuts. As well as this, we will also be seeking to restore trust in the council from Swindon’s communities, we will seek to retain and attract new jobs to Swindon and we will not let down our town’s vulnerable people- like the elderly and the disabled.

These are the priorities that local residents have expressed they want from their council and this is what Labour will deliver if elected in the Council Elections.”