Labour Condemn Council-Tax Misinformation

The Swindon Labour Group Leader, Cllr Jim Grant, has condemned Swindon Borough Council for spreading misinformation regarding residents council-tax increases in the council funded statements sent to all households in the borough.

In council-tax statements to households who live in Parished areas, residents have been told that Swindon Council are increasing their bills by 5% (2% general increase and 3% increase for Adult Social Care), yet their council-tax to Swindon Council is actually increasing by 7.2%.

Last month the Conservative Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Russell Holland, had said that residents would be told the actual percentage increase they’d be getting through their Council-Tax statements, however this hasn’t been the case.

Council Tax statements and leaflets are currently being distributed to all households across the borough.

The Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant, said:

“It is quite clear that the Tory Council are trying to cover up the level of council-tax increase residents in parished areas are receiving.

Together with the media, we have highlighted the fact that residents in parished areas are getting a 7.2% increase in their council tax and this is something not disputed by Swindon Borough Council. However to tell people that they are in fact getting a much reduced council-tax percentage increase is terribly misleading.

What makes this matter worse is that these council-tax statements being distributed are being funded by Council-tax payers. They are in effect paying for Swindon Council to mislead them over the level of their council tax increase.

I think the Cabinet need to apologise for this mistake and set the record straight with residents in parished areas over their council tax increase.