Labour Candidates Demand Parish Council Focus on Freshbrook and Grange Park

Over recent years cutbacks to local services from Tory-run Swindon Borough Council has caused Freshbrook & Grange Park to look increasingly untidy with the grass becoming overgrown and litter and fly-tipping not being picked up by the Council.

With local Conservative Councillors unwilling to agree that this has become a problem it is now only Labour who have shown the determination to make West Swindon a more pleasant environment to live in.

Labour has consistently opposed the creation of new Parish Councils due to it being used as a way to increase your Council Taxes by more than the 5% government limit.

However this Parish Council does present West Swindon with an opportunity to get improved local services like grass cutting and street cleaning.

If you vote for us, the Labour Candidates, we pledge to:

  • Grass Cutting: Propose more grass cutting in Freshbrook & Grange Park.
  • Street Cleaning: Get more street cleaning in Freshbrook & Grange Park, including hosting our own litter picks.
  • Shrub Maintenance: Ensure public hedges and bushes are better maintained than they are now.
  • Road Maintenance: Lobby Swindon Borough Council to do more to keep traffic speeds down to the speed limit and do more to maintain our local roads.

Labour will be campaigning on 3 central policies to improve our local communities:

  • Improve Local Services: Swindon Council has devolved the running of local streetsmart services to these new Parish Councils. Labour Parish Councillors would be seeking to make our neighbourhoods tidier.
  • Save our local libraries: After our community libraries were under threat of closure, Labour Parish Councillors would ensure there is the funding to keep these libraries open.
  • Keeping Community Centres Open: Labour Parish Councillors will be making sure our community centres remain open despite Tory-run Swindon Council cuts.