Labour Call For Council to Stop Lydiard Being Transferred to Private Sector

The Labour Party will be moving a resolution at the Full Council Meeting on Thursday 21st January calling for a 3 month halt to the Lydiard outsourcing process and during that period discuss with the Friends of Lydiard and Swindon Heritage on whether Lydiard should be transferred to a staff-led independent charitable trust or continue to be maintained by the council. 

This resolution follows news that it has been confirmed that a bid to turn a section of Lydiard Park in to football pitches has been expressed as an interest by a local football club.

The Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant, said:

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that there are proposals to segregate sections of the park for specific, limited purposes. It seems the Conservatives red lines about preserving the park for public use is already unravelling. Conservative Councillors had already refused to rule out a hotel being built on the park.

Labour will be moving an amendment to the Conservatives’ motion at the Full Council Meeting setting out what was agreed by Councillor Perkins at the Lydiard Public Meeting last week. That is that there will be a 3 month halt to the outsourcing process for Lydiard Park & House and that the Council will work with the Friends of Lydiard and Swindon Heritage on developing an independent charitable trust to run Lydiard or failing that, keeping the park with the Council.

Cllr Perkins gave every inclination at last week’s public meeting that he was on the side of residents and against Lydiard being transferred in to private hands. He needs to honour that commitment with the backing of his party colleagues.”