January 2016 Update From Councillor Fay Howard of Liden, Eldene and Park South Ward

Community Speed Watch
We've been contacted by a number of residents in both Liden and Eldene who may be interested in being part of a community speed watch scheme. Community Speed Watch is a locally driven initiative where active members of the community join together with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices.  We would need more numbers to make this viable. If it's something you'd like to get involved with do get in touch.
Children's Centres
The Council says, financial pressures are forcing them to review the provision of children’s centre services.   Among savings being proposed for the 2016/17 budget is the decommissioning of the five remaining children’s centres. Children's centres began as Sure start centres in the late 1990's to the give children the best possible start in life by improving childcare, health and the family support services available.   The positive impact of children's centres has been felt by a generation and will be gone all too soon. The Conservatives continue to hit the most vulnerable, removing available support at the time families need it most when children are very small and a parent is off work to care for their child.
Liden Library
Swindon 105.5 the community radio station will now be run from Liden Libraries community rooms. Once they have settled in they will be inviting residents to look around to see the town’s community radio station. We hope this will secure the future of Liden library with the community rooms in full use.
Gas Leak
Thank you to the residents who made us aware of the methane gas leak along Dorcan Way late last year.  Thanks to our reporting and the press publicity it was good to see this resolved sooner than it would've been.

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3rd Wednesday each month 12.00-1.00pm at Horizons drop in, Eldene Primary School
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