Is Front Loading The Libdem Tory Silent Killer of Public Services?

Dismantling services for the vulnerable in our society by Democracy is now bordering on destruction. Destruction of those much needed public services is coming closer with each swing of the LibDem Conservative coalition cleaver.

It is now clear that the LibDem Conservatives have hit us with a silent killer called “Front Loading”. This scandalous act will now leave councils some £20 billion pounds short between now and 2014. This eyewatering slice is scandalous and it means that “Front Loading” is a “stealth cut” too far and one which for many in Swindon will be here years sooner than was first expected.

Why is this outrageous assault harder to swallow now? Simply put it means the £4.5 billion pound gap that council’s knew was there has at the stroke of a LibDem Conservative pen been widened by another £2 billion. This can only lead locally to catastrophic cuts as measures will be taken to deal with it. The pain will not only be borne by those needing a support service. It will mean that services that are charged for will also increase, planning, parking, and land charges etc.

What can be done as government “social investment” is cut in Swindon? You can come out and support labour fighting the scourge of front loading , or write to your councillor, call them, email them. but let them know as only 54 people participated in the recent council consultation on the 2011/12 budget and beyond. We cannot allow dismantling of democracy and front loading to be visited upon us all in swindon by the LibDem Conservative Coalition.