In the last couple of years Swindon has seen a dramatic rise in people sleeping rough. It has increased by over 75%. Tory Government Austerity policies such as Universal Credit are at the root cause for in the last year under their new funding formula Swindon has been short changed by £400k. We have moved from a caring welfare state to a sorry state. You only have to look at food bank use to see the Tories have no shame for the problems they cause.

Locally it has even led to the Tory council buying back ex council houses to provide homes to around a 100 families affected by their policies. This is utter madness as they had previously sold of these council houses at discount prices. On the streets some senseless behaviour has led to the few precious possessions the homeless own being removed and binned even though it is against policy. Your Ward Councillors are working with the council and other agencies to improve things including getting a day centre and free clothes.

Number of households assessed as homeless and accommodated by SBC in some form of temporary accommodation:

2011/12 – 202

2016/17 – 361

78% increase