Graham Philpot Strongly Supports Keeping Lydiard Park and House for the Sole Benefit of Swindon Residents

Following the public meeting of seven hundred residents, the January Council Meeting agreed to a three month delay in the outsourcing process, pushing a final decision to June 2016. Labour councillors put forward Swindon residents clear view that Lydiard House and Park should be managed for the sole benefit of the public, either through a charitable trust or continued council control. This view was rejected by the entire Conservative Group including councillors meant to represent West Swindon voters. So the bad news is that the option to transfer away the house and park remains a serious threat.

The only sure way to stop this is to change your local councillor. In May all those who signed the petition, or share concerns for our heritage, can choose to elect Labour councillors to the June decision making meeting to stop Lydiard being transferred to the private sector, where decisions wiil be made based on private profit and not the residents' interests. Work with me to protect Lydiard.