Graham Philpot: Labour’s candidate for Shaw

I moved to Swindon in the 1980s when I bought my house here in Shaw. At that time I worked in London, commuting via rail. I did that for more than a decade when I gave up commuting and got a job in Swindon.  

I've spent most of my working life within the printing industry but when I was made redundant at the age of 52 I decided on a change of direction. Teaching myself software development, I started my own web development business and I continue to make my living as a software author and Internet Marketing Consultant today.  

I decided to put myself forward as a Council candidate as a direct result of what I have seen happening in Swindon over recent months. Not only are Lydiard Park, our Children's Centres and our Local Libraries under dire threat but also the Conservative administration plans to impose Parishes across Swindon solely to raise money as a kind of Stealth Council Tax.

What really incenses me is the total disregard for the views of residents. The Conservative administration pretends to consult us but only after the decisions have already been made, for me this is no longer acceptable. Yes there must be cuts but we need to decide together as a community how and where they fall.