Free Schools Are a Distraction

Stephen Twigg Shadow Cabinet Education Secretary visited Swindon earlier this month. I could see for myself that Stephen is passionate about education and he is committed to do something about it. He has said that Free Schools are a distraction. Free Schools the Tory policy that despite spinning is struggling. Out of 24,000 schools in the country only 24 are Free Schools.

This number is set to increase to over 50 this September. I believe Stephen Twigg is correct they are a distraction. After a year of operation have results from them been announced anywhere. In such hard fiscally restricted times why are more being opened? Surely before more are opened shouldn’t we know the success of the schools? Based on findings it makes more sense to make a decision  to open more.

Labour want to look at the experience of pupils in classrooms and teaching methods. Classrooms are an important part of a child’s development, but they are not the place where  it all happens. A students success is based on many factors including schooling and that is why Labour has supported initiatives such as SureStart, now being cut back by Tories. I heard patents tell us the other day that they are worried about cuts to Teaching Assistant staff and breakfast and after school clubs.
Yes I agree Stephen Twigg is right when he says Free Shools are a distraction.