February 2016 Update From Councillor Nadine Watts of Old Town & East Wichel Ward

Croft School Area Traffic
I attended a meeting on 30 January regarding the sustainable traffic management plan for roads in the Croft School and Sports Centre area.  Council officers, councillors, members of Pipers Area Residents’ Association, representatives from the school, sports centre and play group attended.  Concerns were expressed about how the local area is dealing with the traffic currently and how it will be when the school is at full capacity.  It was agreed to look at potential drop off areas for parents/carers to drop off their children to and from the Croft school.  Other measures such as what improvements can be made to Evelyn Street/Marlborough Lane junction and road markings on Marlborough Lane adopted and unadopted sections and improving visibility in certain areas will also be looked into. 

A school crossing patrol officer (lollipop person) is also being advertised.  If you are interested in this role or know someone that is, please let me know.

Hesketh Crescent Play Area Update
Works are progressing well and the improvements are scheduled for completion in mid-March.  A community planting event will follow.

Winifred Street/St Margaret’s Road
Local residents raised the issue of tail backs being caused on Croft Road by recycling vehicles emptying the boxes in the St Margaret’s Road area between 8am and 9am every other Monday. The collection has now been changed to a later time on the same day, so there shouldn’t be so much traffic congestion.

Please let me know if you have any questions on these issues or any other matter.