FAQs – East Wichel Restricted Parking

I am often asked for updates and information on the restrictive parking scheme for East Wichel.  Please find a list of frequently asked questions on the subject.  If you have any further questions on this or any other matter, please don't hesitate to contact me.

1. Are the mews areas subject to the same restrictions?
The restrictions will be confined to the areas that are to be adopted as public highway. The mews areas are not generally intended for adoption.
2. Have the locations of the signs be decided?
Yes, initial plans exist. An example is featured on the eastwichel.org website.

3. What is the likely time-scales for implementation of the scheme?
The Council are looking at doing a phased introduction of the parking restrictions over about 6 weeks, starting around or just before 2 October. This phased introduction will consist of a mail drop to residents detailing the restrictions, warning notices, enforcement on main roads and then enforcement throughout the area. I have also asked for a letter to go to the school, community centre and pub.
4. Confirmation that enforcement of restrictions will be carried out by traffic wardens/enforcement officers
Parking restrictions in Swindon are enforced by Civil Enforcement Officers employed by the Borough Council. The Police are only involved in cases where there is obstruction of the highway.
5. Bays will have to be marked up, how will this work if the final layer of tarmac isn't on the road? Does the Council have a time-scale for all the roads to be finished?
The Council can request that the Developers install bay marking on whatever surface is there and get them re-done on the surface course once laid or the Council could do it as part of the TRO and recharge. Unfortunately the Developers have not given the Council a timescale for this yet, the Council continue to chase. The main hold up now appears to be getting the sewers adopted by Thames Water. Until this is completed the Council cannot adopt the roads and as such the Developers are hesitant to finish the roads.
6. Who painted the double yellow lines (DTL) off East Wichel Way?
Council officers understand that the DYL were painted by Taylor Wimpey in direct response to concerns by residents that parking cars were preventing people crossing safely.
7. "Can you offer any assurances that some sensibility will prevail in ensuring that the retail car park is available, currently occupied by Taylor Wimpy site office, before parking restrictions come in”
This area is currently private land so the Council cannot offer the assurances desired.
8. Will a review take place once the restricted parking scheme has been implemented after a period of time?
This would be normal practice.

9. Please could you confirm the situation with blue badge holders?
The regulation imposed by a Restricted Parking Zone to “park only in marked bays” applies to all vehicles including any displaying blue badge.
Blue badge holders may park in any of the ordinary marked bays but should there be any special need to do so then there may be the possibility of signing bays on the highway for general use by disabled badge holders only e.g. near local shop, as we have done at other locations in Swindon.

10. “I would like to know what the plans are for ensuring residents who have enough parking for their cars do not miss out on visitors because residents are filling them with their extra cars?
It's possibly something that will need to be monitored in the future and we may need visitor parking permits perhaps, but it is a concern especially as currently the visitor bay across from us is full with two transit vans and every other car belonging to a resident living in the area. Not one of the cars is a visitor.”  
The parking bays are not restricted to only visitors at present.

11. What is someone parks in a residents' own parking space who shouldn't – how is this monitored and enforced?
Residents own parking spaces do not form part of the highway therefore the resident will need to seek legal advice as the Council have no powers to enforce parking on private land.

12. “If we have tradesmen in to do work for example servicing a boiler or to do some painting and the visitor bays are full. Where do we stand as nobody will take the risk of a fine."
Tradesmen and Builder Permits are available from Parking Services to park on waiting restrictions.  (The telephone number is: 01793 463772).  
If it is just loading and unloading, ie. food shopping, furniture delivery then this would be allowed outside the property in question and not have to be in non-marked up bays.  No permits or permissions need to be sought.

For something like a boiler service which may take a few hours, if no space available in a marked bay near the property, dispensation would need to be agreed by calling 01793 463772.

For work that would take several days/weeks eg. building work, a contractors' permit (£12.50 per week) would need to be applied for.  Contractors permits for use in the resident bays only are available from Wat Tyler (no appointment necessary) on production of the work docket and the vehicle details, there is an opportunity via the email address advertised on the parking pages to attach and send a copy of the work docket and vehicle details requesting how many weeks are required, location etc. (Generally maximum of 4 weeks at a time, when the site is visited to ensure all is still in order to extend the permit if required.) Payment details can be taken over the phone and the permit can be issued, soon these will  be 'virtual ' permits with no physical permit.  Information can be found at:


13. "Can we have a scratch card system as in use within Swindon now, where we could have 4hr or 24hr parking on the streets for visiting families."
As part of the restricted parking zone restrictions no exemptions have been made to allow visitor parking and also we have not introduced a visitor parking permit scheme.

14. What if someone parks in a residents' own parking space who shouldn't – how is this monitored and enforced? Please could you confirm the total number of on-road parking spaces? What was the number of extra spaces found following the consultation?
Please see question 11 for the answer to the first part. There were 119 original spaces, we have found 15 extra, giving a total of 134, all of these figures are approximate.

15. "Will the Council be writing to every individual house within the estate to advise them, as I am sure there are many unaware that this is happening."
Yes, this should be done over the next couple of weeks.  

16. If people wanted to lease their driveways or garages is this something that they could look into?
It is up to residents on how they use their driveway but it may be worth getting their own legal advice to check whether there is not a clause in their deeds.