Enough is Enough

I believe that politics is about choices.

The Tories locally have chosen to cut Children’s Centres, put local libraries under threat of closure and cut grass cutting and litter collections. They plan to place Lydiard Park, Coate Water and Stanton Park under commercial management. They want to introduce Parishes without giving people a vote on the idea.

Rather than challenge the cut backs in Local Government they have meekly accepted the damaging reductions. Indeed they have enthusiastically set out to reduce the quality of life for the people of Swindon without a squeak of protest.

I am asking for your vote as a vote for a better quality of life for the people of the ward. Labour put forward costed budget amendments to save the Children’s Centres, prevent Library closures, keep public parks in public control and allow for a referendum on Parishes.

The Labour budget amendment would not have increased Council Tax beyond the level set by the Tories. These proposals were rejected out of hand by the Conservative controlled Council. They are not listening. A vote for Labour at this election is a wake up call to the local Conservatives.