SBC Elections 2022 – Labour Policies

1) Reduce deprivation 
Manifesto pledges: 

·         Prevent further unnecessary increases in council tax

·         Establish a Poverty Commission for Swindon 

·         Increase the numbers of jobs paying the Real Living Wage

·         Help break the “lowest income, highest cost” trap 

2)  Remove health inequalities 
Manifesto pledges:

·         Increase quick access to mental health facilities for young people

·         Reintroduce Wardens into residential care homes

·         Create a loneliness reduction strategy

·         Increase specialist housing for SEND

·         Create a homelessness reduction strategy

·         Introduce a Renters’ Charter

3) Create a greener, cleaner, safer environment

Manifesto pledges:

·         Re-introduce Park & Ride as outlined in the Labour alternative Local Transport Plan

·         Ring fence 4% of the highways budget for cycling

·         Air pollution monitors outside all schools

·         Set up a loan scheme to retrofit houses, creating new green, jobs

·         Target deep carbon reductions for Swindon by 2030

·         Tackle air pollution by placing monitors on bin lorries

·         Increase the number of electric car charging points around Swindon

·         As part of our procurement process reform, we will favour local companies with strong green credentials

·         Support biodiversity and pollinators in our open spaces through re-wilding schemes

4) Start supporting local businesses and creating local jobs

Manifesto pledges:

·         Prioritise local companies for public sector procurement contracts

·         Seek to meet the needs of small and medium-sized firms, not just larger ones

·         Re-open the Oasis

·         Transform the town centre

·         Expand access to university level education for Swindon

5) Transform the physical and social landscape of Swindon into a more pleasant place to live

Manifesto pledges:

·         Fix all potholes for the long term

·         Continue with the Labour group‘s efforts to introduce 20mph speed limits where residents want them

·         Convert all damaged grass verges to parking bays where residents want this

·         Increase parking and parking enforcement

·         Build 1000 affordable homes within 5 years

·         Seek to find ways to restore all the historic buildings in Swindon

·         Keep Lydiard under council control and invest in Coate Water

·         Develop a cultural quarter with a new theatre and art gallery