Eastcott Highways and Road Improvements

Kingshill double yellow lines
I am pleased to announce that, at the request of local residents, the council has started consulting on plans to introduce double yellow lines on Sunnyside and Dunsford Road. The next step will be to issue a formal Traffic Regulation Order and then start the work once this is approved.

I have been following up with plans to get some yellow lines on Hillside and Bowood Road and the council has told me that they are working on a proposal following the feedback they have received.

Prospect Hill
I recently attended a meeting with local residents and council officers to discuss improvements to the road with the aim of deterring large lorries from using the street. Council officers are working on updating the proposals and once the plans are agreed the council will consult local residents on them.

Drove Road/Southampton Street Junction
The works are now complete. Cars driving out of Southampton Street onto Drove Road will no longer be able to turn right. The road markings have also been improved. If you have any comments please let me know.