Eastcott Councillor, Paul Dixon, achieves successful local clean-up

On Saturday 11th March, Eastcott Councillor, Paul Dixon, was joined by residents to clean up the back alleyways in the Newhall Street and Crombey Street area. After hours of clearing up fly tipping and litter from the back alleys, Cllr Dixon ended up taking over 20 bags of rubbish, 3 sofas, a television, an ironing board, a book case and Christmas tree to the waste and recycling centre.

Cllr Dixon had hired a van at his own expense to remove all the fly-tipping and rubbish from the area. It took several journeys to the Swindon Waste and Recycling Centre to remove the rubbish that was collected.

Speaking after the clean-up, Eastcott Councillor Paul Dixon said:

“I want to thank everybody who helped make this a very successful day in cleaning up the Newhall Street area. We worked hard and everybody felt by the end that we had done a good job in improving the local environment for residents.

I got the idea of hiring the van after residents had got in touch with me about some of the fly-tipping down the back alleys of the homes and with the council sometimes reluctant to collect the fly tipping due to lack of clarity about who is actually responsible for removing the rubbish so I thought I’d just take in on myself.

Hiring the van was absolutely crucial as some of the fly tipping was very large and would have never fitted inside a car. If residents would like to organise their own clean-ups they are welcome to get in touch with me to help organise it.”