Eastcott Children’s Facilities Close

Following on from our letter at the beginning of the year, regarding them Council’s proposal to close the popular Euclid Street Children’s Nursery, I sadly have to report that Swindon Council have refused to keep the nursery open and continue to plan its closure.

Led by Labour Eastcott Councillor Paul Dixon, Labour Councillors proposed an amendment to the Council Budget to keep the Children’s Nursery open. This was rejected by the Council's Conservatives.

However, residents still have the chance to keep the Euclid Street Children’s Nursery open with your vote in the forthcoming Local Elections on May 5th. Drove Children's Centre is also scheduled for closure as one of the last five remaining centres scheduled to close under the Conservative budget.

Children’s Centres support parents providing services such as child and family health services; antenatal and postnatal care; breastfeeding support for parents; speech and language therapy for young children; and assistance for families with a child who has a disability.

Swindon Council is believed to be the first to intend to close all of it's Children's Centres. Research has shown that early education gives children the best start and even the Prime Minister's own mother has signed a petition against Children's Centre cuts in Oxfordshire. Labour found money elsewhere in the budget to keep both facilities open.