Dim Outlook For Jobless In South Swindon

What the Tories say they do in Swindon and what they do in Swindon are contradictory.

In South Swindon there are 2,667 job seekers, but only 633 job registered vacancies. We need jobs here as we have been told more than once by the Conservatives Swindon is on the up, but where are the jobs?

As councillor Rod bluh, Conservative council leader, boasted only a year ago on 14th October 2010

The future is ours to make, the momentum is with us with the college site now underway.  I am told we would be leading the UK out of recession in terms of regeneration.

We would be at the top because no one else is doing anything. If we can’t do it in Swindon they will struggle to do it elsewhere.

Perhaps Rod bluh can tell us where it is?  The old college site is still standing. Full article here from 2010.