D-Day For Future Of Lydiard

After Labour prevent Lydiard being transferred to private sector, Council to determine new arrangements

Swindon Borough Council is set to determine the future management arrangements for Lydiard at a Cabinet Meeting in February.

After your Labour Team’s intervention to prevent Lydiard being transferred to a private company, the Council agreed to contract the management of Lydiard to a local trust.

However it has taken a year to get a final agreement over exact details of the Trust’s management, which has led to some concern that the deal will fall through, re-opening the door again to a private company running Lydiard.

Labour Candidate, Neil Hopkins, is calling on the Council to resolve the future management of Lydiard Park and House.

Labour are also continuing to press Swindon Council to address the impact on Grange Park from introducing parking charges at Lydiard.

Sign Labour’s petition at https://www.change.org/p/swindon-borough-council-lydiard-parking-charges-impact