Councillors Call To Celebrate Jazz Carlin’s Success

Two Labour Councillors will be moving a motion at the next Swindon Full Council Meeting, calling on Council to celebrate the success of Jazz Carlin’s two silver medals at the Rio Olympics.

Councillors Bob Wright and Fay Howard will be, in their Council Motion, suggesting ways Swindon could celebrate Jazz Carlin’s success, including painting a double-slotted Royal Mail Post Box in Swindon and to name a street or square in Swindon after Jazz Carlin. The next Swindon Full Council Meeting will be on Thursday 22nd September.

At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, she won a silver medal in the 400 metres freestyle and a Silver Medal in the 800 metres freestyle. Jazz also won a Gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Jazz (short for Jazmine) Carlin started her journey in the small hydro pool on Milton Road in Swindon. At just four years of age she joined the Swindon Tigersharks ‘learn to swim’ programme and the club would go on to play a significant part in her life as she progressed through her swimming career. Jazz left Swindon for Swansea in 2006 to train at the Wales National Pool.

Central Ward Councillor, Bob Wright, said:

“Sometimes Swindonians can be a little down on our town so I think it is important when the town has successes, we celebrate them. And Jazz Carlin’s Olympic success is a huge success for Swindon given she started her life in the pool at Swindon’s iconic Milton Road Swimming Baths.

That is why I thought a Council Motion rejoicing Jazz’s success and offering some suggestions on how we can properly celebrate with some local symbols of her success. My thoughts were that we could ask the Royal Mail if we could paint two post boxes silver to represent her silver medals, as well as naming a new street in the town after Jazz.

I really hope this is a Council Motion Councillors of all parties can get behind as Jazz now becomes a legend of our town and I would like us to more often celebrate our town’s successes.”