Council Tax Rise: Public Meeting at St Saviour’s Church Hall

Public meeting on Sunday 4th September 2pm

Conservative-run Swindon Borough Council are seeking to increase your Council-Tax by more than £100 by establishing new Parish Councils who will introduce a Parish Precept on your Council-Tax bill.

This is part of the Conservative Councillors’ plan to establish Parish Councils across all of Swindon.  They wish to do this in order to avoid being blamed for having to fill the black-hole in the Council’s finances by increasing your Council-Tax bill through the usual method (i.e. simply increasing your council-tax bill that goes to Swindon Council).

This Parish Precept on your Council-Tax will then go towards new Parish Councils paying for local services like grounds maintenance and the removal of fly-tipping. However Swindon Borough Council will not refund you the money you already pay to it to deliver these services.

A final decision on whether to establish these Parish Councils and subsequent £100+ Parish Precept Bill will be made at a Swindon Full Council Meeting on 10th November.

However before this Council Meeting I am holding a Public Meeting on this issue. I want to give you a say that Conservative-controlled Swindon Council won’t give you. That is why there will be a secret ballot scrutinised by members of the public attending when the discussion ends.

Please do attend this public meeting at St Saviour’s Church Hall on Ashford Road, on Sunday 4th September starting at 2pm.

For more information about the Council's plans, please click here.