Consultation on BT public payphone removals

BT are consulting on their proposals to remove a number of the public payphone callboxes from within Swindon. The Council is consulting with parish councils, residents associations and community groups giving them 3 options:

  • to agree to the removal
  • to adopt the callbox for use by the local community; or
  • to object to the removal  

Many of the phone boxes have not had any calls from them in the last twelve months, but others have.  The highest number of calls made from one on the list was 736 from the payphone at the West Swindon Centre.

To see if a call box near you is on the list, do visit the council website which also gives you the opportunity to comment.

The individual callboxes also have a Public Notice posted within them by BT, informing residents of their proposal and directing any comments to the Swindon Borough Council Planning Department.  

All comments must be received by 5.00pm on Friday, 18 November.  Comments received will be collated by the Council’s Planning Committee where a draft response to BT will be agreed. This will then be consulted on prior to formally submitting it to BT.

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