Concerns Raised over Great Western Hospital staff Parking in Liden streets.

Liden Councillor, Derique Montaut, has joined local residents living near to the Great Western Hospital in Liden who have voiced their anger and frustration over increased volumes of hospital worker cars using their streets as a free car park.  It appears that staff at the Great Western Hospital are parking in streets near to the hospital in order to avoid paying the parking fees that are in place at the hospital.  These parking fees are for both hospital visitors and for staff members.

Concerns from local residents about hospital workers parking in residential streets included restricting emergency vehicles ability to get down the streets and residents being unable to park their vehicles on the street.

One local resident in Sedgebrook, said:

“We have looked at putting double yellow lines in but the issue is that then we can’t park on the street or our visitors. The police have stopped them before by putting yellow lines down.  All we want is our streets back.”

Liden, Eldene and Park South Councillor, Derique Montaut, said:

“Liden residents have spoken to me about their legitimate concerns regarding hospital staff parking on their streets, which is both blocking them and their visitors from parking in their own estate. I certainly do not blame the hospital’s staff and can appreciate that they don’t want to be stiffed by the hospital for parking to get to their job. However the onus is on the Great Western Hospital to provide adequate, affordable parking for all of their staff to be able to use.”