Cllr Nadine Watts Encourages East Wichel Residents to Contribute to the area Masterplan

Councillor Nadine Watts (Old Town) would like to draw Wichelstowe residents attention to a consultation on the future of the developments that make up the area.

Councillor Nadine Watts (Old Town and East Wichel) would like to draw East Wichelstowe residents attention to a consultation on the future of the developments that make up the area:

The Wichelstowe Programme Team will be holding a number of exhibitions to present the updated plans for the development of Middle and West Wichel and invite feedback.

Following on from the consultation events held last year, the exhibitions will set out the ambitions for a high quality development whilst addressing residents' concerns about the proposed impact.

A formal planning submission is programmed to be submitted in Autumn 2013.

The principal changes to the revised Masterplan are:

  • An increase in the number of mature trees, hedgerows and landscape contours that will be retained across the site

  • The re-alignment of the proposed Croft Road/Hay Lane link road, which is intended to give a more efficient road layout and bring greater life and viability to the development’s District Centre. It will also keep extra traffic away from Wroughton

  • A change to the ‘trigger point’ for providing some infrastructure, from 1100 completed homes to 2500. This will make sure that infrastructure costs are more appropriately balanced with the rate of house building

  • A greater emphasis on ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ to ensure that all facilities on site are easily reached on foot. The commitment to large areas of green public open space is retained.

The consultation will run for three weeks from Tuesday 27 August until Friday 13 September.

Date Time Location
Wednesday 28 August  2.30pm—7pm East Wichel Community Centre
Friday 30 August


and 4pm—7pm

Ellendune Centre, Wroughton
Wednesday 4 September 1pm—6.30pm Arts Centre, Old Town 

A Wichelstowe South Locality meeting will also be held in early September.