Cllr Jim Robbins: Toothill Village Centre Needs Action

I am working hard to hold the Tories to account over their flip-flopping on the renovation of Toothill Village Centre, and trying to determine what resources the Administration will provide. Mannington & Western residents were told that the Tories had allocated money for the Village Centre refurbishment, and were then told that the money was gone. At one point, the funding was dependent on how the Toothill Million was to be spent – despite clear rules about how the £1m can't be used to replace funding which should be made by the Council.

With my fellow ward councillors, I'm working hard to determine exactly what has happened to the funding and fighting to get the best outcome for Toothill.

It's clear that lots of residents have big concerns over the Village Centre and are keen to ensure that the layout is updated and made safer.