Cllr Cindy Matthews Elected in Lydiard and Freshbrook

I would like to give a big thank you to all who voted for me on 3rd May. I am absolutely delighted to have been elected as a councillor and to have the important role of representing the Lydiard & Freshbrook ward. Although the Conservatives are still in power in Swindon, it is with a much reduced majority and we are now in a position to hold them to account.

My commitments to all of you are to:-

  1. Do my utmost to protect the green spaces in Lydiard & Freshbrook from unwanted development.
  2. To work to keep the local environment looking as tidy as possible by getting waste and graffiti cleared promptly.
  3. To consult with residents as much as possible so that they feel they have a real say in their area and in what is done to it.
  4. To work with the Neighbourhood Policing Team to keep the area free of anti-social behaviour.
  5. To fight to defend the community facilities from further cuts

I intend to be as accessible as possible and look forward to continuing to meet residents and to assisting you wherever I can.