Cindy Matthews stands again for Labour in Old Town & Lawns

I’m pleased to represent Labour again in Old Town and Lawns.  Having lived in Swindon for amost 30 years, and seen my children grow up and attend local schools,  I feel more than ever that this communty needs a Labour Councillor. We’re seeing heartless cutting of local services, including buses, libraries, care service, schools budgets and care for the young and disadvantaged.  The government and Council have no mandate for this.   The country did not vote for the sweeping changes that the Tories are bringing in.  This must be resisted.

My working life was spent in social work and I am now thoroughly enjoying retirement, with hobbies that include grandchildren, gardening, dancing, theatre, films, reading and politics.

Having worked in local government, I understand how it operates. As a councillor, I would be committed to helping everyone in the community to get proper representation from their local councillors, and to actively taking up issues on their behalf, unlike the local Tory councillors, who did not even respond to the many letters and emails sent to them over the bus service cuts.

I’ll be delighted to hear from you, Cindy Matthews