Chisledon & Lawn

Your 2012 Labour candidates in the new Chiseldon & Lawn ward

Geraint Day

I have lived in Swindon since 1981. Originally from South Wales, a science graduate, I have worked in teaching, examining public policy, and public health statistics. My present employment is with a medical royal college, having previously worked for a government regulator, headed various policy strands for a national business organisation, the National Health Service (NHS) locally, two colleges, an adult training organisation and for one of the research councils in Swindon.

Helen Thompson

My name is Helen Thompson and I am 61 years old. I am retired and very active in equalities. I sit on the board of Equality South West, Swindon Council’s equality forum and I also sit on Wessex C.P.S. hate crime scrutiny panel.

I have lived in Swindon most of my life and am a former chair of Voluntary Action and Avon and Wiltshire mental health patients group. I am standing as a candidate because I believe that I can have a voice in council on subjects such as Croft School and Coate which residents may be frustrated with in their present councillors.

Defending Our Green Spaces

Despite 50,000 people signing a petition the Tory-led government have overruled the wishes of the people of Swindon and decided to begin building at Coate.

So much for the promise from the Tory council leader of ” No University – No Development”.

Recent Tory planning changes with an increased presumption in favour of development, and the approval of development at Pickards Field in Gorse Hill, have lead Labour to launch a campaign and petition to defend our designated green spaces across the borough.

A formally approved local plan specifying those green spaces we wish as as a community to protect offers some protection and Labour will ensure we complete signing off Swindon’s plan as a priority.

bus services have seen council investment withdrawn in recent years resulting in service cuts. The vital role of public transport in allowing people to get to key services like Greeat Western Hospital needs to be reinforced by your councillors.

Faith in local democracy has been undermined by the decision making processes used for Croft School, wi-fi and Whalebridge roundabout changes. Labour will record public meetings so that residents can hold their representatives to account.