Challenging Anti-Social Behaviour Issues

Ward Councillors have seen an increasing amount of anti social behaviour in the Walcot and Park North area. This seems to be caused by a small number of teenagers in the ward.
Councillors have held meetings with local police teams and the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team after hearing reports of increased anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Abdul Amin said: ''We have held a number of meetings with the police to try to identify the perpetrators and increase police activity. Police have been surprised
by the incidence of anti social activity as reported levels remain relatively low.''

If you suffer or witness anti social activity please do not hesitate to ring the police on 101 or on 999 if a crime is in progress. You not need to give your name.

Police rely on such reports to make decision about where police resource is deployed

The Parks Community Forum organised a meeting with Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angus McPherson in February to highlight concerns.

Around 30 members of the community were in attendance. The Commissioner promised to look into requests for an increased police presence and work with the Forum to provide communication between the police and the community.

Councillors will continue to work with police and community groups to address this issue.
Residents with specific concerns regarding anti-social behaviour can contact us below, but please remember to report issues to the police in the first instance.

Councillor Steve Allsopp Tel 01793 343708

Councillor Abdul Amin Tel 07921 269301

Councillor Emma Bushell Tel 07876 430582

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