Central Swindon Parishing Meetings: 4th & 5th March

Central Ward Councillors are holding public meetings on the creation of new Parishes in Central Swindon

Your Ward Councillors are holding public meetings on:

  • Friday 4th March 7.00pm at Broadgreen Community Centre
  • Saturday 5th March 1.30pm at Central Community Centre

Swindon Borough Council's Conservative Administration plan to off-load council services to Parish Councils and if you live in an area without a Parish Council they will seek to create one.

Off-loading services to a Parish Council will result in you paying more local taxes for less local services. You already pay the Council for these potentially off-loaded services. On top of the increase next year of approximately 4% for existing local taxes you will be looking at a further £120 for any new parish.  Central could also be made responsible for the town centre area which all Swindon residents use.

Labour is fighting for all local voters to decide on perishing via a local referendum.