Cameron Pays His PRU On His Expenses.

MPs Expenses is always a headline story even for Swindon’s 2 Conservative MPs, Justin Tomlinson MP Claimed £4,003.52 Robert Buckland MP claimed £1,670,47.  

This was for the period 7th May to 31st August 2010,  but I did notice that some Conservative MPs claim ‘professional services’. I am not sure what is meant by professional services fees, but it can possibly mean some form of subscription to a professional body? I noticed that one amount is common to the few Conservative MPs expenses I looked at a sum of £2,408.75 I believe this is an amount claimed from tax payers to fund the Parliamentary Resources Unit (PRU) no not a government facility.

It is a pooled research facility for Conservative MPs and Peers it provides briefings on Parliamentary business, general research and correspondence support. It drafts policy related correspondence replies from constituents, and prepares briefing notes ahead of Parliamentary debates.

I am sure all political parties must do this through their own research units. However, it galls me that David Cameron, whilst at the same telling us we’re all in this together and we have to tighten our belts is using tax payers money to pay his subs to the PRU! Council’s are cutting back on services whilst David Cameron pays for professional services on his expenses, I suppose it is all a case of priorities, but smacks a tad of of don’t do as I do old chum, do as I say!