Bob Wright thanks voters

Dear Resident

I will never forget that it was you, the residents of Central who elected me as your Councillor for the next few years. I am humbled by the faith shown in me and I am grateful for all the support that has been given to me.

  • Over the last four years I have forged many good relationships with Central’s residents and businesses. Through my work for you, now and in the future, I hope to build upon these relationships.
  • Central has a team of three Labour Councillors who work hard for its residents.  We can assure you that every resident in Central will have a fair representation and we will hold the Tory Council to account.
  • Your Labour Councillors have no illusions about the work ahead of them. The ConDem Alliance is set on a course of community destruction; no one or area will be protected against their drastic cuts.
  • Already key community workers and organisations are fearful they will no longer be able to continue their work within the community. An uncaring Tory Council is not going to think twice about cutting their funding; as shown not so long ago with the Shop Mobility debacle and the continued attack on Dial-a-Ride. As one community leader said (paraphrased) we were set up for a purpose; now if we do not fit the council’s criteria we can not fulfil the purpose we intended.
  • Labour will be a strong voice against drastic cuts which put voluntary groups in danger of closure. Their valuable services will be lost if we do not support them.  We remember the cuts that Thatcher introduced and what they did to our communities. We want to prevent a repeat and we will do all that we can do to protect the vital services which Central’s residents rely on.
  • Thank you again for re-electing me.  I am honoured to be able to serve YOU the people of Central (and Swindon) once again
Thank you
Councillor Bob Wright