August 2012 update from your Liden, Eldene and Park South Councillors

An update from your Liden Eldene and Park South councillors, Neil Heavens, Fay Howard and Derique Montaut on issues affecting the ward including Street Lighting, Liden Centre improvements and the borough wide issue of grass cutting and green waste collection.

The borough-wide issues with grass-cutting and green waste collection have largely been resolved but please do contact us to report issues.

East Locality Meeting
Following the good turnout in July, the next East Locality meeting for residents in at Dorcan Academy at 7pm on 11th October. Your councillors will be in attendance with local police officers and representatives from Swindon Council.
Your chance to have your say.
Locality Fund
We have a small fund across the whole locality to spend on minor highway improvements,  grounds maintenance,  graffiti removal and/or street cleaning.  If you have ideas of where you'd like this spent we would love to hear from you.
Street Lighting
We have reported & seen street lights repaired & improved, please continue to alert us to defective street lighting, quoting the identifying numbers on the posts is helpful.
Speed Watch
Following a successful pilot in Blunsdon, we are looking for volunteers to assist with speed watch in Liden & Eldene. Could you spare us a few hours to help carry out  registered owner checks on vehicles identified as exceeding speed limits as part of Community Speed Watch? If so please get in touch.
Liden Centre
We have met representatives from Swindon Council to discuss ways of improving the Liden Centre. Please forward any suggestions that you may have to us.
Surgeries and Contact Numbers
It's been great to see meet many of you already at our surgeries. These are on the first Tuesday of each month, at Liden Library 2.30-3.30  &  Eldene Community Centre 6-7pm.We will also be door-knocking along your streets in the months ahead. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us:
Neil Heavens – 07900561502
Fay Howard – 07952350656
Derique Montaut – 07711556261