Action on underage drinking and alcohol related behaviour

Swindon Borough Council and the Police have been taking action to tackle under age drinking. At a Licensing Committee meeting on Tuesday 11th May the Police presented the results of some of their town centre activity. Under age test buyers who looked under age attempted to buy drinks in pubs. The Police had warned Town Centre pubs in advance that they were going to test purchase.

Area Pubs Successful Purchases Percentage
New Town 13 4 30.76%
Old Town 10 6 60%
Total 23 10 43.47%

Training Advice has been given to Landlords/Ladies to deal with underage drinking.

If it is a first offence Landlords/Ladies will be given a warning to improve the way they run their premises. A follow up will take place in the near future and if the same Landlords/Ladies fail again they will be given fixed fines. Licenses can be revoked if Landlords/Ladies continue to run problem related premises.

The Police are also seeking to eliminate cheap drink offers that encourage lots of drinking in a short time. by stopping problems at source they want to reduce the number of individuals who could cause offences on the way home.

Alcohol related behaviour is a big issue for the police and responsible sales is just one of the methods they are using to reduce problems. They are aware of other sources of problems such as home drinking on cheap drinks bought at supermarkets. These cheap drinks ‘fuel up’ individuals before they go to town. Police can also issue banning orders to stop irresponsible behaviour and repeat offences.

The Town’s Alcohol Strategy includes an Alcohol Advisor helping at the Police Station. Police also work with other agencies such as Street Pastors and Swindon’s Alcohol and Drugs Service (SWADS). All these powers and activities are used prevent alcohol offences across town even if the action itself is concentrated in the town centre.

Cllr Bob Wright