Kimmersfield (Queenstown) Town Regeneration

The Conservative Council Administration has bowed to pressure from your Labour Councillors and others and have begun the process of withdrawing from the Regeneration agreement with the MUSE. This will not come for free; compensation could have to be paid for their wasted years of failure. If this happened in the workplace you could be sacked for less, you can make your feelings known in the May 2018 elections.

The Conservatives are still promising jam tomorrow even though they failed to get the promised £350m investment. Enough is enough, instead of a dream Town Centre they have delivered a nightmare junction at Whalebridge and Swindon has become the butt of jokes nationwide.

The Labour group is taking steps to get back to the original purpose of regeneration. It needs to be a great place to live, work and play, it has to be place where people want to be in day and night. Key to the future development is the Road Infrastructure. Whilst Whalebridge junction is a necessary improvement opening up Fleet Street and improving the roads around the Railway Village will aid the future Heritage development. It is now important for the council to learn from its many mistakes and work with those who want to improve Swindon. We will forward the case for Central Ward resident’s needs.

The legacy of empty promises is empty building plots