Swindon Deserves Better !

Swindon Deserves Better

With Labour

  • We will build 1000 council houses in 5 years
  • We will re-introduce children’s centres to Swindon
  • We will increase recruitment of enforcement officers and fund more PCSOs to support the police
  • We will support local businesses by prioritising them when allocating public sector contracts
  • We will set up a £2m fund to support the Honda workforce, their supply chain and other workers affected by any future economic downturn

Why does Swindon Deserve Better?

Because under the Conservatives

  • The Tories have spent over £400k on a Housing building Company which hasn’t built any houses
  • The Tories have closed all children’s centres leaving Swindon  as the only town in the country without one
  • The Tories have cut funding to combat crime and anti -social behaviour by 95% since 2010
  • The Tories have failed  local businesses allocating over 60% of contracts to firms from outside Swindon
  • The Tories have supported a government whose economic mismanagement is leading towards economic disaster

Swindon Deserves Better, Swindon Deserves a Labour Council.

Vote Labour on 2nd May