Sarah Church takes over from Councillor Fay Howard

Councillor Fay Howard is standing down in LEPS, and Sarah Church is standing in to replace her

After 17 years of valuable service as the Borough Councillor for Liden, Eldene and Park South, Councillor Fay Howard is standing down. The community know her for her hard work on their behalf in individual case work as well as for her efforts to secure funding for the improvements to Liden Centre. Massive thanks on everyone’s behalf to Fay!
Sarah Church, the former Labour and Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate for South Swindon, is standing in the May local elections to replace Fay and hopes to count on the support of members and residents to vote her in. Once elected, Sarah will join Councillor Janine Howarth in representing Liden, Eldene and Park South and continuing the hard work of the Labour Councillors in the ward.
That work has already started and Sarah and Janine have been working alongside residents to prevent nuisances and anti-social behaviour, make sure local amenities such as the post offices and bus routes are fit for purpose, and to tackle ongoing individual casework to ensure residents are properly housed and council services are delivered as they should be. The first team litter pick took place on 22 February, and the next is scheduled for 14 March at 10am meeting in Eldene Morrisons car park – join us if you can.
Janine is also Vice-Chair of South Swindon Parish Council, our Labour-run Parish in South Swindon that is taking on responsibility for local parks and amenities, as well as services such as grass-cutting from the Borough. The Parish has already made a huge difference in improvements to local parks, and is set to keep this up during 2020 and beyond. The Parish website is here:

May 6th will also see a Parish Council election for the Nythe, Eldene and Liden Parish.

Labour candidates are Mike Davies and Adam Hunt who are campaigning alongside the Borough team in the area.

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